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Go Engine Co., LTD
Go Engine is a self-sufficient factory specializes in designing and producing micro-engines specifically for RC enthusiasts worldwide. Since its establishment in 2004, GO Engine has accumulated and perfected quite a number of original engine configurations for both the OEM's RTR specifications and its own brand of racing engines as well as others for 1/12, 1/10 and 1/8 vehicles.

From 2012, GO Engine has begun developing a series of innovative methods to improve manufacturing processes and advanced product designs in order to standardize precision and cope with the rapidly increasing competitions in product quality and pricing amongst growing numbers of micro-engine manfacturers worldwide.

During this transition of consolidation in its design, manufacture and business functions
, GO Engine is in the process of total integration and reallocating its resouces. In very near future, there are much more to be expected from GO Engine and I am definite that GO Engine will bring you not merely the better version of the same products but surpassing innovation and passion.



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