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 [TFL] Alumiunm Magnetic Propeller Balancer (539B10)
6.35/5/4.76/3.175/4/3/M5 ..
 Push Rod Boot For Quanum Aquaholic
[TFL] 4 x 6mm Bushing 2pcs (557B11)
his lead teflon bushing is for rc boats. It' made of high quality steel with sintered porous bron..
[TFL] 6.35mm x 11.1mm Bearing 1pcs (557B40)
[TFL] Adjustable Stinger Drive Lenght 105mm Dia.= 6.35mm
Item Name : RC Boat CNC Aluminum 105mm Φ6.35mm Drive Shaft Holder Inner Diameter : 6.35mm Len..
[TFL] Aluminum Water Cooling Jacket with Saver Dia=22.5mm (506B85)
Brand new aluminum exhaust saver with cooling jacket. Come in 1 piece. Silver anodised. In use wi..
[TFL] Boat Prop 2B 40mm x 4.76mm Metal (5B11*40)
[TFL] Boat Prop 2B 42mm x 4.76mm Metal (CL-08-A)
Bronze prop 43mm diameter pitch 51.6mm. In use with 3/16" un-threaded shaft.  Design for b..
[TFL] Boat Prop 2B 47mm x 4.76mm Metal (5B12*47)
[TFL] Boat Prop 2B ø50mm x 70 Shaft  4.76mm Metal
[TFL] Boat Prop 2B ø52mm x 70 Shaft  4.76mm Metal
[TFL] Boat Prop 3B 37mm x 4.76mm Metal (5B15*37)
[TFL] CNC Boat Prop 70mm x 6.35mm (7014250)
[TFL] CNC Boat Prop 75mm x 6.35mm (7512250)
[TFL] Collect Lenght 20mm Dia-A=2.3mm Dia-B=3.18mm For Motor (529B11)
Product Name: RC Boat Aluminium Φ2.4mm*Φ3.18mm*20mm Flexshaft Drive Cable Shaft Collect Specifi..
[TFL] Collect Lenght 32mm Dia-A=5mm Dia-B=4mm For Motor (529B31)
[TFL] Drive Dog Dia-A=5mm Dia-B=12mm (507B30)
[TFL] Drive Dog Dia-A=6.35mm Dia-B=13.5mm (518B38)
Φ6.35*Φ13.5mm*12.1mm   ..
[TFL] Drive Shaft 100mm x 4.76mm (511B31)
TFL  4.76mm (3/16) Hard Shaft Electric Boat / Petrol Boat Split Hardhead Tightening Screw Sh..
[TFL] Drive Shaft 86mm x 5mm (511B40)
Product Name: RC Boat Φ5mm*Φ7.9mm*5mm*5mm*86mm(L) Drive Shaft with Postive Screw (Square) Speci..
[TFL] Drive Shaft Holder Height 52mm Dia.= 4mm (503B12-A)
 50х6х4 mm ..
[TFL] Drive Shaft Holder Height 60mm Dia.= 4.76mm (503B27)
L=40mm      L1=56mm D=φ4.76mm H=60mm     H1=25mm  ..
[TFL] Drive Shaft Holder Height 70mm Dia.= 6.35mm (503B40-A) High quality
L= 49mm H= 70mm Dia.= 6.35mm   ..
[TFL] FLEX ROD-BOOTS 60mm 2pcs (213B60)
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