O.S. Inflight Needle Valve

O.S. Inflight Needle Valve
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This is the In-Flight Control Needle for the following O.S. carburetors
           60B, 40E, 60M-C, 60M-P, 60LH, 60M, 60K-C, 60K, 60B, 60G.

        This in-flight control needle enables the pilot to make needle
       adjustments from his transmitter while the aircraft is in flight.

FEATURES: Easy to install, replaces the main needle and ratchet spring.
          Needle can be adjusted to optimum setting from one of the auxillary
            controls on the transmitter while the helicopter is in flight.
          When the rpm increases as the fuel tank becomes empty, the situation
            can be corrected by opening the needle from the transmitter.

INCLUDES: One In-Flight Control Needle

REQUIRES: Separate unused channel on radio system.
          One standard servo.
          One linkage rod.



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