Venom Smart Temp Failsafe

Venom Smart Temp Failsafe
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The All-in-One On-Board Computer R/C enthusiasts have been waiting for! The Venom Smart Temp includes a Temperature Monitor with peak temp memory, Traditional Radio Fail Safe, Digital Voltmeter and the industry's first Overheat Fail Safe with programmable Throttle Limiter. The Venom Overheat Fail Safe is the best way to protect your nitro engine from serious damage that can occur when a nitro engine overheats. Once the overheat temp is set, the VST will constantly monitor engine temperature. In the event the temperature exceeds the set temp, the VST will engage the overheat Fail Safe and limit the percentage of throttle available until the engine temperature drops 5 C (9 F) or more below the set point. After the temp drops below the set point, the Overheat Fail Safe Mode will automatically disengage and return the model to its full operating potential. 

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