Blue Marble Premium High Performance 2-Cycle Oil

Blue Marble Premium High Performance 2-Cycle Oil
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1 Quart (946mL) Blue Marble® High Performance 2-Cycle Oil:
o Blue Marble® 2-Cycle Oil is an ashless, high detergent, top-quality lubricant that meets the needs of all high performance 2-cycle engines whether air or water cooled as a premix or oil injected. Blue Marble® 2-Cycle Oil is made from a highly refined mineral oil, which is inherently biodegradable, and contains our proprietary patented technology.
o Blue Marble® formula improves overall engine performance and reduces friction and smoke.
o Meets or exceeds JASO FD, TC-W3® and ISO EGD specifications.
o U.S. Patents: 5310419, 5540788; Patents Pending.

o Recommended for use in 2-cycle engines in fuel injections or premix: R/C, scooters, snowmobiles, weed eaters, and other 2-cycle engines.
o Safe for use in all power valve systems.
o Upon first use, run at moderate RPMs for first 20 minutes. Run at normal RPMs.

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