Rx-Servo Signal Booster (2.7v~5v)

Rx-Servo Signal Booster (2.7v~5v)
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Fetures: Suitable for all receiver systems

Suitable for all transmitter systems
Suitable for all servo systems
Make traditinoal High Level Signal servos worked with new Low Level Signal Receivers.such as TowerPro's Servo company with Futaba's R6014FS Receiver
Weight: 1.5 grammes

The servos in our models are connected using three-core cables consisting of Positive,Negative and Signal conductors.the signal is coming from the receiver etc.

whereas many precvious receivers offered a signal output of 4.8 Volts or 3.0 Volts, many traditional and famous servos are design for working at that level signal receivers only.

but,the latest receivers,such as Futaba's R6014FS,the nominal output volatge is just only 2.7 Volts. that means many tradiational servos are not worked with this new type receivers.that also means your guys need pay more money on purchase more new worked servos.

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