Turnigy 2 in 1 Power Meter/Servo Meter 1.5 TFT PREORDER

Turnigy 2 in 1 Power Meter/Servo Meter 1.5 TFT  PREORDER
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The Turnigy 2 in 1 Power Meter/Servo Meter is a great tool to have in your flight box. It can quickly and easily measure voltage, amperage and wattage of just about any R/C electronic component. 

This device has two channels: 
Channel 1 is designed for use with servos and can handle up to 8.4V/10A. It features JR style plug connections allowing you to easily connect your servos directly to the meter. This is very useful for determining if your ESC's BEC can handle your model's servos. 

Channel 2 features 12AWG input/output leads and supports up to 60V/100A. This is perfect for checking you power system in anything from micro to large size electric models!

All of the data is displayed on a large, easy to read 1.5" TFT backlit color display making it visible in just about any lighting condition. This meter even features a data graph display for both channel 1 and 2.

• Accurate voltage/amperage/wattage measurement
• 1.5" TFT backlit color display
• 2 channel operation (CH1 8.4V/10A max, CH2 60V/100A max)
• Perfect for testing current used by servos and power systems
• Adjustable amperage/voltage alarm

Servo meter input CH1: 8.4V/10A max
Power meter input CH2: 60V/100A max
Display: 1.5" TFT
Dimensions: 58x45x9mm
Weight: 41g

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