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Hyperion TITAN 80A HI-PRO Brushless ESC
with BEC, 5-12 Ni, 2S-3S (6S,6Ni max with BEC Disabled), V31 Firmware, and TitanWarn LED system
Transmitter Stick Programmable Functions
* indicates default
Brake Modes: On / Off * Battery Type: NiMH-NiCd / 2S-6S Lithium (3S Li default setting) Soft Start: On* / Off
Warning Voltage: LCV +0.2V * / LCV +0.3V
Timing Modes: Auto* / 7 deg / 30 deg
Motor Rotation: Reverse Off */ Reverse On
LVC Cutoff Modes: Hard - Stop / Soft - Reduce Power* / NO CUT RPM Control (Governor): Off* / Range 1 / Range 2 / Range 3
Hyperion Emeter or PC Software for TITAN can also program the settings below
NiCd/NiMH per cell cutoff voltage: 0.6V* / 0.7V / 0.8V / 0.9V
Lithium per cell cutoff voltage: 2.0V to 3.2V, in 0.1V steps (3.1V per cell default)
Hardware Specs:
*5.0V 3.0A BEC Circuit in PBW types (5 servos max at 7.4V)
*Over-Temp Protection: Soft Cutoff@80C
*Max Commutations: 345,240 *Switching Frequency: 8Khz
*Current Continuous / Peak: As Rated / +20% 5 sec

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