New Tianjie Tiger King Reed Valve Straight Engine 27cc

New Tianjie Tiger King Reed Valve  Straight Engine 27cc
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Brand: Tianjie Tiger King

Name: Reed Valve straight line machine

Material: aluminum alloy

Type: single cylinder, water cooled, two stroke


Introduction: The new push technology of the Tianjie model has undergone continuous research and development for 3 years. It has been tested for over 100 hours. The original machine has reached 20,500 rpm, the same speedboat configuration, and the speed is increased by 5km.

Main data:

1. the displacement: 27cc

2. Power: 20,500 rpm

3. fuel: 92# gasoline above quality gasoline

4. Engine oil: REPSOL 2T burner oil isrecommended Please refer to the in-store oil product introduction for the best ratio.

5. Use the paddle:

O version recommended TJ1218  Φ 67/68/69 (three leaves), TJ1113  Φ 67/68/69 (three leaves)

V version recommended TJ1217  Φ 59/60, TJ1318 Φ59/60, TJ1118 Φ 59/60

6. carburetor: high-profile world brand Walbro 1048

7. starting mode: electric starter wheel

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